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I currently work at TrainingPeaks crafting experiences for endurance athletes and coaches. I strive for clean design and clean code.

  • Why is a designer like myself talking about code? Well, I am one of those hybrid designer/developers. I believe that products are better when they are guided by a designer with a firm grasp of the underlying structure as well as a clear design vision.

    Most of my work at TrainingPeaks revolves around our website, trainingpeaks.com. Because this is such a massive entity it is more work than even I can tackle alone. This is where speaking the languages of design and code really helps. I can collaborate across teams and leapfrog the silos that could sink a project with so many stakeholders.

    I also create smaller websites for initiatives like our Endurance Coaching Summit. I recently launched a "Thanks Coach" tool that allowed athletes to create images with a custom #ThanksCoach stamp and share it in their social feeds. I designed the website and did the majority of the development. The site was produced from concept to completion in about one month. In the first two weeks the site generated 3,000 photos and countless shares.

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Before they went out of business I worked for a dental technology company called Zila. As creative director I rebranded the company and helped modernize their websites and products.

  • This was my first experience working "in-house," as they say. Why did I move in-house? After working at design agencies for close to a decade I realized I could have a bigger impact at the "ground level" than when I was billing in hourly increments and separated from the decision makers by layers of bureaucracy. I was right. My time at Zila left me with one of the deepest case studies in my portfolio.

    In addition to the rebrand project you can see some of the Zila product lines I designed for in these galleries of Rotadent projects, ViziLite work, or this gallery of my product photography.

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My "big agency" experience came from working at Burns Marketing. I designed apps and websites for big clients like HP and Lenovo as well as smaller businesses.

  • It seems funny in hindsight, but I remember a time when clients had to be persuaded that they needed an app. Some of the best projects at Burns were spec work where I was free to simply create things that demonstrated the power of apps and the magic of a brand new device known as the iPad.

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As creative director at Red Rocket I helped rebrand the company as web specialists and designed dozens of websites for small to mid-sized businesses in Northern Colorado.

  • You learn so much when you are at a small company powered by ambitions founders. You do whatever it takes to deliver what the client needs whether you know how to do what you are promising or not. Sometimes the work is great, sometimes you fail. The only guarantee is that you will learn something new every day.

    In addition to our internal projects I created dozens of websites with ambitions goals and quick turnaround times for our clients. We created the sites in Wordpress, and I got pretty good at bending that CMS to my will. Here is a gallery of the websites I created from 2008-2012.

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HuebnerPetersen is where I learned the ropes by hacking together websites and fighting to develop my design chops.

  • HuebnerPetersen's main client was Jayco RVs. Branding, literature, photography, advertising, websites—we did it all. I still think the work holds up pretty well after all these years.

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