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Critical Feedback in Response to Paintings/Prints by Adrian Hanft

"Definitely good, mature work. I would like to see some explorations in more diverse directions."

"Excellent exhibition - unified, unique focus - (a bit derivative - but at his age, this is often the case)). Excellent publicity format - (silkscreens on glass windows)! One of the best senior shows."

"Quality consistent work. I especially enjoyed the tactile surface quality of your painted and printed surfaces."

"Adrian has raised the bar for senior exhibitions in terms of quality. More important, the work is unified and personal. Fine integrations of printing and painting. He is a self-motivated problem solver. I would like to hear more from him about how he decides 'whether something is bad or good' (mentioned, but not followed in his talk)."

"It is obvious that a lot of hard work went into this show in terms of producing the total works, preparing them for display, and publicizing the exhibition. And yes, the level of quality and completeness does place a new expectation on senior shows. Excellent!"