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Dear friend,

I used to write letters. I’d write them out by hand, fold them into an envelope, add a stamp, and drop them in a mailbox. It made me happy and I always felt a nervous anticipation about whether or not my ideas would connect with the person who found my personal note sandwiched between unwanted advertisements and even less wanted bills. That’s why I started this project called Letter Zero.

This isn’t a newsletter. I have no agenda other than to share ideas that I want you to hear. There won’t be any ads. I won’t ask for money, although I will inevitablly talk about my books and projects from time to time.

If you’ve landed here, you probably read something I wrote and were intrigued. I hope you take the next step and join my distribution list. I write about once a week and if you are still on the fence, feel free to browse past letters to get a taste of what you’ll be getting yourself into. I’d love to send you some letters.

Your friend,