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December 31, 2016

Inspirational Design Stories You Missed in 2016

There is a good chance you missed my best writing of 2016. Let's fix that. Of the 50 stories I posted this year, here are the ten that got the most traffic as well as some of the work I am proudest of.

  1. Evidence that Steve Jobs was Aware of his Reality Distortion Field
    This was my most popular post of the year thanks in part to a share by Guy Kawasaki. Find out if you have a reality distortion field, too.

  2. A Special Hell for Designers Like Me
    This is the post that kicked off a 13 part series exploring the seemingly innocent compromises designers make that end up corrupting our work.

  3. Deadly UI
    Was a design decision responsible for the tragic death of Anton Yelchin?

  4. Got a brand problem? Put a bird on it.
    Can you solve the mystery of why there were no logos on the thousands of RVs donated to hurricane Katrina victims?

  5. The Designer’s Invisible Skill Set
    It often surprises me which stories catch on. This one caught the eye of The Loop and spread from there.

  6. Becoming Bobblehead Buddha
    Why do creative people see the world differently from everyone else?

  7. Special Hell 6, Dymaxion Man
    The story of my hero, Buckminster Fuller, and how a visionary crackpot turned Earth’s rudder

  8. Stop Dribbbling, Get a Design Education at Costco
    How did I graduate from design school without learning to care?

  9. The Slow, Steady, Inevitable March Towards Oatmeal
    Is your job to satisfy the demands of consumers? If that is true we are in trouble.

  10. I Am Data Drivel
    Need a New Year's resolution? Abandon Google Analytics with me.

Thanks to everyone who read my writing this year. If you forgot to buy me a Christmas gift, do me a favor and share your favorite story on Twitter, will you? Happy New Year. Stay creative.

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