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August 12, 2017

A Lambo for the People

If you count eyeballs, the zombie-mobile is the most popular story I have written. This week instead of my normal essay I want to simply point you to a show that will surely appeal to fans of car design and haters of the crossover.

The first season (3 episodes) of James May's Cars of the People is fantastic. You can watch it on Amazon Prime or possibly on Vimeo. It tells the stories behind the designs of the most popular vehicles ever made.

If you aren't ready to invest in a the entire series, track down the part of the third episode where James drives a Lamborghini Countach. He contrasts the dream of owning an exotic car with the practical requirements of adulthood car ownership. You could say that the Countach is the opposite of the zombie-mobile, a car that broke from conformity and whose beauty has stood the test of time. But for the few who could afford to actually own the Countach, the boyhood fantasy evaporated when you actually drive the thing. But man did it look stunning on the cover of my Trapper Keeper.

Thanks for reading. Stay creative.

I couldn't  track down my Trapper Keeper to accompany this post, but I did find this drawing from my school days. Memories.

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