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September 29, 2018

My Favorite People Don't Have Problems

I walked into my boss’s office and said, "Mia, I have a problem."

It was my first week as a graphic designer and I had no idea what I was doing. Before I could explain whatever trivial issue I couldn’t resolve, Mia stopped me. She said, "Here’s some advice. Never say you have a problem. What you have is an opportunity."

Mia was a good boss.

I enjoy comparing the leadership qualities of co-workers I have known over the years. Why would I die for some and push others off a cliff?

My favorite company owners are intense evangelists, irresistible magnets who attract sympathetic minds and repel clock-punchers.

My favorite designers always overdeliver, they won’t let something with their name on it be anything less than beautiful.

My favorite project managers have a vision that is contagious but they are going to succeed with or without your help.

My favorite developers are natural collaborators, comfortable with the chaos and complexity that necessarily accompanies meaningful work.

My favorite sales people sell work just beyond their team’s abilities because they know each sale can push the quality of the product to new heights.

My favorite customer service people empathize with users so deeply that they make it a mission to advocate for improvements.

My favorite writers reject jargon and choose words that are uncomfortable, forcing you to form an opinion.

Put another way, my favorite people relentlessly transform problems into opportunities.

What’s your problem?

Stay creative.

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